Check out our helpful databases:

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DKfindout An amazing resource that provides helpful and understandable facts about many different subjects!  Also beneficial for teachers and parents.

EasyBib Do you need help citing your sources for a paper? EasyBib assists you in creating your citations using MLA, APA, and more.

Fact Monster Fun and useful facts about all sorts of different topics.  Check out the homework section for some really helpful tips.

Great Websites for Kids A compilation of great websites categorized into different topics to provide helpful info on pretty much anything you need to know!

InfoPlease Quick reference full of lots of valuable information including writing tips, a conversion calculator, periodic table, and more!

KidsPost at Stay updated on current events with these articles posted just for kids.

NeoK12 Educational videos, lessons, and games for K-12 school kids.

Newsela  This collection of news articles is a great way to stay informed about the current world.  Each article is available at different reading levels, so can be adapted for the student.

Noodle Tools A useful website designed to support the research process.

PBS Learning Media for Students A great resource for educators and students to access free digital content (such as videos and articles) on many different topics.  If you create an account, it provides easy ways to keep track of your research for assignments!