Staff Suggestions

A Christmas Wish QuiltHazelwood, AnnN/A
A Colebridge Quilted ChristmasHazelwood, AnnN/A
A Good Girl's Guide to MurderJackson, HollyOverdrive
A Longer FallHarris, CharlaineOverdrive
A Minute to MidnightBaldacci, DavidOverdrive
A Nearly Normal FamilyEdvardsson, M.T.Overdrive
After the CrownWagers, K.L.Overdrive
All Dressed in WhiteClark, Mary HigginsOverdrive
All the Best LiesSchaffhausen, JoannaOverdrive
All the wrong places : a novelFielding, JoyOverdrive
All your twisted secretsUrban, DianaOverdrive
AlliesGratz, AlanHoopla
Alone in the WildArmstrong, KelleyOverdrive
An anonymous girl : a novelHendricks, GreerOverdrive
Art mattersGaiman, NeilOverdrive
Auberon (The Expanse, #8.5)Corey, James S.A.Overdrive
Begone the Raggedy Witches (The Wild Magic Trilogy #1)Kiernan, CelineN/A
Behind Every LieMcDonald, ChristinaOverdrive
Behind the ThroneWagers, K.L.Overdrive
Beyond the EmpireWagers, K.L.Overdrive
Book Woman of Troublesome CreekRichardson, KimOverdrive
Brief Cases (The Dresden Files, #15.1)Butcher, JimOverdrive
Burn for MeAndrews, IlonaOverdrive
Caliban's War (The Expanse, #2)Corey, James S.A.Hoopla
Cats on CatnipMarttila, AndrewN/A
ChokePalahniuk, ChuckN/A
City of WindowsPobi, RobertOverdrive
Clear My NameDaly, PaulaHoopla
Clotho the Fate (Goddess Girls Book 25)Holub, JoanN/A
Code of HonorGratz, AlanHoopla
Cold Barrel ZeroQuirk, MatthewOverdrive
Come Tumbling Down (Wayward Children, #5)McGuire, SeananOverdrive
Curious Incident of the Dog in the NighttimeHaddon, MarkN/A
Cut and RunBrennan, AllisonHoopla
Darius the Great is not okayKhorram, Adib.Overdrive
Darkness FirstHayman, JamesOverdrive
Dead to HerPinborough, SarahHoopla
Dear wifeBelle, KimberlyOverdrive
Deception CoveLaukkanen, OwenOverdrive
Don't Close Your EyesCraig, ChristieOverdrive
Don't Look for MeCross, MasonHoopla
Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children, #2)McGuire, SeananOverdrive
Dread Nation (Dread Nation, #1)Ireland, JustinaOverdrive
Eight Perfect MurdersSwanson, PeterOverdrive
Elisabeth Sladen: The AutobiographySladen, ElizabethHoopla
Eos the Lighthearted (Goddess Girls #24)Holub, JoanN/A
Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children, #1)McGuire, SeananOverdrive
Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn TooSun, JomnyOverdrive
Evvie Drake Starts OverHolmes, LindaOverdrive
Family UpstairsJewell, LisaOverdrive
For the Love of QuiltsHazelwood, AnnN/A
Forget You Know MeStrawser, JessicaOverdrive
Fountain of SIlenceSepteys, RutaOverdrive
FramedMcInnis, S.L.Overdrive
Girl in the rearview mirror : a novelDimberg, Kelsey RaeOverdrive
Girls like usAlger, CristinaOverdrive
Gods of Jade and ShadowMoreno-Garcia, SilviaOverdrive
Gone by midnightFox, CandiceOverdrive
Good Girl, Bad GirlRobotham, MichaelOverdrive
GrenadeGratz, AlanHoopla
Guilty MindsFinder, JosephOverdrive
Hairstyles of the DamnedMeno, JoeHoopla
Hide awayPinter, JasonN/A
How to Be an AntiracistKendi, Ibram X.Overdrive
Hunting gameTursten, HeleneN/A
I Am Still AliveMarshall, Kate AliceHoopla
I Found YouJewell, LisaHoopla
If She WakesKoryta, MichaelOverdrive
If you Were HereBurke, AlafairOverdrive
In an Absent Dream (Wayward Children, #4)McGuire, SeananOverdrive
In Five YearsSerle, RebeccaOverdrive
Instant Pot fast & easy : 100 simple and delicious recipes for your Instant PotPitre, UrvashiOverdrive
Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of SurpriseStein, David EzraN/A
Interstellar CinderellaUnderwood, DeborahOverdrive
Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)Andrews, IIonaOverdrive
Island of Sea WomenSee, LisaOverdrive
Josephine's Guest House QuiltHazelwood, AnnN/A
Keep Your Friends CloseDaly, Paula.Hoopla
King of the PygmiesFuqua, Jonathan ScottN/A
Kiss number 8Venable, Colleen A. F.N/A
Kiss the Girls and Make Them CryClark, Mary HigginsOverdrive
Landwhale: On Turning Insults Into Nicknames, Why Body Image Is Hard, and How Diets Can Kiss My AssBaker, JesN/A
Last Girl GoneHetherton, J.G.Overdrive
Last WordsKoryta, MichaelOverdrive
Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse, #1)Corey, James S.A.Overdrive
Liars' paradoxStevens, TaylorHoopla
Lily Girl's Christmas QuiltsHazelwood, AnnN/A
Lock Every DoorSager, RileyOverdrive
Long Road to MercyBaldacci, DavidOverdrive
Lovely WarBerry, JulieOverdrive
Lumberjanes #60Watters, ShannonHoopla
Lumberjanes #61Watters, ShannonHoopla
Lumberjanes #62Watters, ShannonHoopla
Lumberjanes: Ghost Cabin (Lumberjanes #4)Tamaki, MarikoOverdrive
Lumberjanes: The Good Egg (Lumberjanes #3)Tamaki, MarikoOverdrive
Lumberjanes: The Infernal CompassSturges, LilahHoopla
Lumberjanes: The Moon Is Up (Lumberjanes #2)Tamaki, MarikoOverdrive
Making Bombs for HitlerSkrypuc, MarshaOverdrive
Marah Chase and the conqueror's tombStringer, JayHoopla
Monmon CatsKitamura, Kabuki HoritomoN/A
Mr. NobodySteadman, CatherineOverdrive
Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own AutobiographyHarris, Neil PatrickOverdrive
Ninth HouseBardugo, LeighOverdrive
No mercySchaffhausen, JoannaOverdrive
Obviously: Stories from My TimelineHughes, AkilahN/A
Once a liarBrady, A. F.,Hoopla
One of us is NextMcManus, KarenOverdrive
Open your eyesDaly, PaulaHoopla
Out of the easySepteys, RutaOverdrive
Pornography: Men Possessing WomenDworkin, AndreaN/A
Prisoner B-3087Gratz, AlanOverdrive
Projekt 1065Gratz, AlanOverdrive
Quilt the Town ChristmasHazelwood, AnnN/A
Quilted LiliesHazelwood, AnnN/A
Quilted SecretsHazelwood, AnnN/A
RedemptionBaldacci, DavidOverdrive
RefugeeGratz, AlanOverdrive
Rise the DarkKoryta, MichaelOverdrive
Rogue strikeRicciardi, DavidN/A
Sapphire FlamesAndrews, IlonaOverdrive
Save me from dangerous men : a novelLelchuk, S. A.Hoopla
Saving MeghanPalmer, D.J.Overdrive
ScrublandsHammer, ChrisN/A
Sharp ObjectsFlynn, GillianOverdrive
SlayerWhite, KierstenOverdrive
Smoke BittenBriggs, PatriciaOverdrive
Some choose darknessDonlea, CharlieHoopla
Someone We KnowLapena, ShariOverdrive
Something She's Not Telling UsBell, DarceyOverdrive
Space Unicorn Blues (Reason, #1)Berry, T. J.N/A
Spin the Dawn (The Blood of Stars, #1)Lim, ElizabethN/A
Spinning SilverNovik, NaomiOverdrive
Stone cold heart : a novelFrear, CazHoopla
Stop at nothing : a novelLedwidge, MichaelHoopla
Storm CursedBriggs, PatriciaOverdrive
Strange Dogs (The Expanse, #6.5)Corey, James S.A.Overdrive
Strange practice : a Dr. Greta Helsing novelShaw, Vivian,Overdrive
Strangers She KnowsDodd, Christina,Overdrive
Stronger, Faster, and More BeautifulDayton, Arwen ElysOverdrive
Sun stormLarsson, ÅsaOverdrive
Sweet little lies : a novelFrear, CazOverdrive
Tattooist of AuschwitzMorris, HeatherOverdrive
Tell her no liesIrvin, KellyHoopla
The Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss (Dahlia Moss Mysteries, #2)Wirestone, MaxN/A
The Aviator’s WifeBenjamin, Melianie Overdrive
The Basement QuiltHazelwood, AnnN/A
The Better SisterBurke, AlafairOverdrive
The Bookish Life of Nina HillWaxman, AbbiOverdrive
The Bookshop on the ShoreColgan, JennyOverdrive
The Butcher of Anderson Station (The Expanse, #1.5)Corey, James S.A.Overdrive
The Catcher in the RyeSalinger, JDOverdrive
The Chill of NightHayman, JamesOverdrive
The Churn (The Expanse, #3.5)Corey, James S.A.Overdrive
The Couple Next DoorLapena, ShariOverdrive
The CuttingHayman, JamesOverdrive
The DiaryGoudge, EllenN/A
The Escape RoomGoldin, MeganOverdrive
The essential Instant Pot cookbook : fresh and foolproof recipes for your electric pressure cookerMorante, CocoOverdrive
The Family Next DoorHepworth, SallyHoopla
The First MistakeJones, SandieOverdrive
The FlatshareO'Leary, BethOverdrive
The Forgiving Quilt (2015)Hazelwood, AnnN/A
The Funeral Parlor QuiltHazelwood, AnnN/A
The Garden of Small BeginningsWaxman, AbbiOverdrive
The Ghostly Quilts on MainHazelwood, AnnN/A
The Girl In The GlassHayman, JamesOverdrive
The Girl on the BridgeHayman, JamesOverdrive
The Girl Who Drank the MoonBarnhill, KellyOverdrive
The Girl Who LiedFortin, SueOverdrive
The Girl Who Lived TwiceLagercrantz, DavidOverdrive
The Giver of StarsMoyes, Jo JoOverdrive
The Hellfire ClubTapper, JakeOverdrive
The House with Chicken LegsAnderson, SophieN/A
The ice beneath her : a novelGrebe, CamillaN/A
The Jane Austen Quilt ClubHazelwood, AnnN/A
The JanesLuna, LouisaOverdrive
The last day : a novelMurray, Andrew HunterOverdrive
The Library of Lost and FoundPatrick, PhaedraOverdrive
The Lucky OneRader-Day, LoriOverdrive
The Mistake I MadeDaly, Paula.Overdrive
The Mother-in-lawHepworth, SallyHoopla
The Murder ListRyan, Hank PhillippiOverdrive
The NannyMacMillan, GillyOverdrive
The Next GirlKovach, CarlaN/A
The night agent : a novelQuirk, MatthewOverdrive
The Night FireConnelly, MichaelOverdrive
The Night Olivia FellMcDonald, ChristinaOverdrive
The night visitors : a novelGoodman, CarolHoopla
The Other Mrs. MillerDickson, AllisonOverdrive
The Other WomanJones, SandieHoopla
The Perfect AlibiMargolin, PhillipOverdrive
The Potting Shed QuiltHazelwood, AnnN/A
The RumorKara, LesleyOverdrive
The Secrets She KeepsRobotham, MichaelOverdrive
The Sleeping Beauty KillerClark, Mary HigginsOverdrive
The Stationery ShopKamali, MarjanOverdrive
The tempFrances, MichelleHoopla
The TenantEngberg, KatrineOverdrive
The Third to DieBrennan, AllisonHoopla
The Turn of the KeyWare, RuthOverdrive
The War BelowSkrypuch, MarshaOverdrive
The War I Finally WonBradley, Kimberly BrubakerOverdrive
The War That Saved My LifeBradley, Kimberly BrubakerOverdrive
The WarningPatterson, JamesOverdrive
The Wife StalkerConstantine, LivOverdrive
The Wild OnePetrie, NickOverdrive
The WintersGabriele, LisaOverdrive
The woman in the darkSavage, VanessaN/A
There There Orange, TommyOverdrive
Thin ice : a mysteryShelton, PaigeOverdrive
This was our pactAndrews, RyanN/A
Thug Notes: A Street-Smart Guide to Classic LiteratureSweets, SparkyN/A
Trace of evilBlanchard, AliceOverdrive
Two Can Keep a SecretMcManus, KarenOverdrive
Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American HistoryTur, KatyOverdrive
Under a Dark SkyRader-Day, LoriOverdrive
UnpregnantHendriks, JenniOverdrive
Walk the WireBaldacci, DavidOverdrive
Watcher in the woods : a Rockton novelArmstrong, Kelley,Overdrive
Watching you : a novelJewell, LisaOverdrive
We Were LiarsLockhart, ELOverdrive
We Were the Lucky OnesHunter, GeorgiaOverdrive
Weetzie BatBlock, Francesca LiaHoopla
What doesn't kill herDodd, ChristinaOverdrive
What Happens in ParadiseHilderbrand, ElinOverdrive
What you didMcGowan, ClaireN/A
Where the Crawdads SingOwens, DeliaOverdrive
Wherever she goesArmstrong, KelleyN/A
White HotAndrews, IlonaOverdrive
Wilder GirlsPower, RoryOverdrive
WildfireAndrews, IlonaOverdrive
Without a TraceCoble, ColleenHoopla